What Celebrities Are Playing In The At & Amp Pro Am


The AT&T Stone Ocean side Favorable to Am isn’t just about golf; it’s an exceptional mix of brandishing greatness and big-name excitement. Consistently, the competition unites proficient golf players and an elegant setup of superstars, making a jolting air on the greens of Stone Oceanside, California. From entertainers and artists to competitors and business tycoons, the occasion draws consideration from fans overall who anxiously expect to see their number one characters start close by golf’s best.

Big name Spotlight

The big-name setup at the AT&T Supportive of Am is dependably a significant fascination, adding a layer of energy to a generally lofty occasion. Here are a portion of the remarkable characters who have graced the fairways of Stone Ocean side lately:

Charge Murray: An enduring #1, Bill Murray’s jokes and love for the game make him a champion at the Favorable to Am. Known for his comedic virtuoso on-screen, Murray’s hitting-the-fairway abilities are similarly engaging, and fans anxiously anticipate his energetic cooperation with individual players and observers the same.

Justin Timberlake: The multi-capable Justin Timberlake isn’t simply a pop sensation but additionally an enthusiastic golf player. He carries his appeal and ability to the Supportive of Am, charming crowds with his smooth swing and alluring presence on the course.

Mark Wahlberg: With his enthusiasm for wellness and sports, Imprint Wahlberg is a recognizable face at the Supportive of Am. The entertainer and maker’s cutthroat soul radiates through as he assumes the difficulties of Rock Ocean side close by proficient golf players.

Tony Romo: Progressing from the football field to the green, previous NFL quarterback Tony Romo has become well known as a talented beginner golf player. His cooperation in the Supportive of Am adds a component of physicality and fervor to the occasion.

Larry Fitzgerald: NFL star Larry Fitzgerald isn’t just known for his ability on the football field yet additionally for his adoration for golf. His smooth swing and upper hand make him a champion among the superstar players at Stone Ocean side.

Condoleezza Rice: Breaking hindrances and resisting generalizations, previous Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is an enthusiastic golf player who every now and again takes part in the Favorable to Am. Her presence adds a bit of refinement and insight to the occasion.


Q: What is the AT&T Rock Ocean side Favorable to Am?

A: The AT&T Stone Ocean side Supportive of Am is an expert golf competition held yearly at Rock Ocean side, California. It includes a remarkable organization where proficient golf players are matched with beginner players, including famous people from different fields.

Q: How are the groups framed in the Favorable to Am?

A: Every expert golf player is matched with one novice player as long as necessary. The beginner players frequently incorporate superstars, business pioneers, and supporters of the occasion.

Q: What is the configuration of the competition?

A: The competition is played more than four days and comprises of 72 openings. Each group plays one round at Stone Ocean side Golf Connections, Spyglass Slope Fairway, and Monterey Promontory Nation Club. There is a cut after the third round, and the last round is played at Rock Ocean side Golf Connections.

Q: Are observers permitted at the AT&T Stone Ocean side Supportive of Am?

A: Indeed, observers are free to go to the competition and watch their #1 golf players and big names in real life. Be that as it may, ticket accessibility and access might shift relying upon the occasion’s rules and guidelines.

Q: Are there any altruistic angles to the Supportive of Am?

A: Indeed, the AT&T Stone Ocean side Favorable to Am has a well established custom of supporting worthy missions. Continues from the occasion go towards different associations and drives pointed toward helping the neighborhood local area and then some.

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